some of my earrings

some of my earrings

Make what you love.  Say your passion is re-stringing vintage beads or painting on old scraps of barnwood.  Try to find time every day to work on what you love doing.  Give your passion time and space.  Transform an extra bedroom into an art studio.





     Find an artists co-op near where you live and rent a space.  Decorate your space to draw buyers in.  Tag all your pieces and include your business name, item number, a brief description and price.  Be sure your price covers the supply cost for your materials.  Check out what other artists are charging for similar work.  Make a profit but don’t overcharge.  Reasonable prices encourage buyers to become regular customers.

     Buy your supplies wholesale.  Register your business, then take your tax id number to your favorite supply shop and ask if they sell wholesale.  Fill out the form and you pay less for the materials and can pass the sales tax on to the customer when you resell.

     Network with other artists.  Find out about local craft shows in your area.  If you are part of an arts group, volunteer to teach a class or demonstrate a technique.  Don’t be afraid to ask other artists questions.  Read books about selling and marketing your business.  Take your passion and turn it into a job.