Heather Walton is a jewelry designer who lives in North Carolina.  In 2006 she started her own company, Artful Antiques.  Since then,  she teamed up with artistic consultant Nichole Livengood and Heather’s work is now available in shops in North and South Carolina.  Her latest obsession is antique buttons, particularly elaborate metal ones or stunning cut glass.  Check out her 2009 Craft Show schedule for upcoming appearances.

the designer

the designer


2 Responses to “About Heather Walton”

  1. Marise Robertson Says:

    A friend gave me a lip butter by the name of Cherry Jubilee by Simply Divine Potions. It has the website http://www.simplydivinepotions.com on the back of the label which redirects to https://artfulantiques.wordpress.com where I found this “LEAVE A REPLY”. I was wondering how much they cost and if they can be ordered online? I found Simply Divine Potions on Etsy. Is that how you prefer to do business?

    I used to buy Avon’s cherry lip balm for around $1/ea but they have discontinued it. I would buy 12-15 at a time. Do you give discounts on certain price breaks? I’m afraid $3.50/ea is a little pricey for me. Is there a shelf-life for these lip butters? If I bought in bulk, might they go rancid before I could use them all?

    1. I will email you today about the lip butters. I’m in the process of revamping/redoing my website so pardon the redirects!! I will get in touch with you. Heather

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